As an up-rising Australian dairy brand, GOLDEN KOALA® is proud to provide you a range of pure dairy milk products. Fresh full cream milk, instant full cream and skim milk powder as well as baby formula. No matter which one you are after, GOLDEN KOALA® is deliciously fresh and 100% Australian factory manufactured.“Purely Aussie” -- stands for Golden Koala’s milk powder series and fresh milk.  Our entire milk source originated from cows lives in natural ecological grasslands of Australia and New Zealand.
GOLDEN KOALA® is proudly:
• Recommended by Mr. Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, as the green and healthy Australian dairy brand to Chinese. He wrote an inscription for GOLDEN KOALA® and wish Adeline Group to bring more quality Australian healthy food into Chinese market.
• Rewarded two Awards from Ministry of Commerce of the PRC in 2012 and 2013.
• Recommended by Mr. Li Jingwei, Chief Correspondent of Australia Branch of People’s Daily.
• Having Mr. Hou Yong, as GOLDEN KOALA® brand image prolocutor, who is Chinese top performer, Golden Eagle Award Winner.
• As a sponsorship of ’YQ going 'charity in China, helping and supporting disadvantaged children to get comfortable living conditions in China.
GOLDEN KOALA® always believes in healthy food and healthy life, now it can be found in various supermarkets and distribution channels all around China.
We also support and encourage our staff and members to care about the benefit and welfare of all members in the society. In early 2015, GOLDEN KOALA started a social welfare activity across more than 50 cities in China. GOLDEN KOALA is in the spotlight of celebrities, media and public.